Marketing tools for the real estate industry

We create global marketing campaigns oriented to maximize benefits and minimize the sale time in any kind of real estate transaction.

The best around, both for existing properties and developments.


Naming, toning, image, slogans.

The product identity lays at the heart of any marketing campaign. It’s essential to create the perceived image of your product and the subsequent emotional response to it. It’s also mandatory to make your product stand out from the rest of the market.

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Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are interactive and fun.

They submerge the viewer in a spherical projection of the space delivering a much more complete experience compared to photography. We are specialists in the production of virtual tours in Barcelona. We use the best software and equipment and we are always listening to our customers to create a tailor made solution for each and every one of them. Our virtual tours are user friendly and html5 based. This means that that can be played virtually from any device that with a web browser built in.

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Sell it before building it, just like old times.

In the case of developments, we work together with your architects and generate a complete 3D model with the help of our decorators to make the final result more appealing in case it’s needed. Starting from there we produce photorealistic images (renders), virtual tours and videos with accurate textures and materials.

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Pictures are still there, and will be forever.

With almost two hundred years of history and development, photography is still one of the main spreading language. Images play an important role in our daily life and it became the natural for us to live among them. For these reasons, we take very seriously the importance that a good reportage represents when it comes to marketing your property.

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Selling properties is all about emotions.

When it comes to conveying the mood and feel of your space, there’s nothing more powerful than the cinematographic language to encourage your clients to establish a connection with your product. We create video spots that guide your clients into the exploration of the homes you’re selling enhancing their strengths and qualities.

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Web design

User experience means everything.

When it comes to deliver all this material to your clients, it’s crucial to do it in a controlled way, otherwise it may become overwhelming for them. We think that the best way to do it is by creating a dedicated responsive webpage where everything is organised and easy to view.

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Home Staging

Using all the senses to sell your property

Nothing better to speed up a sale to anticipate the imagination of the potential buyer. Visualize the decorated space, touch it and live it gives free rein to the expectations and decisions about buying a home.

The Home Staging created by Valgreen is unique and ambitious, it goes beyond choosing and installing furniture, and focuses on the user experience stimulating your 5 senses.

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